Come work with Beth with her individual grief coaching/counseling sessions. 

Set up a consultation call where Beth will talk with you about whether you need grief counseling or grief coaching sessions. 

Beth’s many years of her therapy background and her own deep dive into grief inform these sessions. She’s more than a grief coach, she’s is a grief informed life guide. 

Beth will help you with the struggle of how to live your life while befriending grief at the same time.

She will guide you and help you see how grief is actually your compass. Grief is medicine and has deep teachings if we befriend it.

An individual session costs from $150-200. 

Or choose the package below which includes her Online Grief Relief Program that you’ll have access to for as long as you need it.

Online Grief Relief with Two 1:1 Sessions

$ 389
  • Eight modules of Grief Relief (with unlimited access)
  • Two Individual sessions to be used within 2 months

What's in the Online Grief Relief Program?

  • Module One: Who am I and how I work with grief. I’ll teach you about the grief scan, how to track your process and the “super power breath.”
  • Module Two: The myths of grief or what I call  the “mess” of grief. 
  • Module Three: Lungs and body support. 
  • Module Four: The emotional landscape of grief. 
  • Module Five: Anxiety and bizarre thinking. 
  • Module Six (my favorite): How to be a joy detective. The importance of pleasure during grief. 
  • Module Seven: The importance of community and ritual. 
  • Module Eight: What to do if you feel stuck in grief; how to keep moving with grief.
Bet on a beach

Thank you and many blessings to you.

I truly want you to feel better…and I believe if we grieve well, we will be well.
 Beth, your grief friend

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