Did you know you could make a date to grieve like you set up an appointment to go to the dentist?

Do you struggle to make time to be with your grief?

Are you confused about what grief even is? 

Are your set in grief being done in certain stages but here you are in anger again?  

Were you already grieving before the pandemic? And are you even more overwhelmed now because of everything else going on in the world? 

I am truly sorry that you are feeling this way. I feel it too. And we need to do our best to relieve our fear, anxiety and grief during this time.

At the end of 2019 I created a do it yourself online grief relief program. It’s almost as if I created it just for this time on the planet.

This program was originally created for those of you who were dealing with sudden unexpected loss and intense grief. And yet now almost everyone I know is dealing with some kind of loss.

This program is for all of us but it’s especially for those of you who are dealing with “normal” loss on top of everything else that’s happening right now in this world.

We’re all dealing with grief in some form.

Candle flame in blackness

Imagine …
• Knowing what to do when a grief burst comes your way.
• Learning how to track your body and emotions so you won’t feel so overwhelmed.
• Feeling joy even amidst your pain and having more energy and spaciousness to do your life better.



So lovers, welcome to the possibility of grief relief.

Come with me and let me guide you. Learn what grief really is and how to befriend it so it doesn’t continue to hijack your life.
This program will give you the tools, tips and tricks that helped me get through my own deep grief. 

It’s possible to have grief relief and feel joy again. I promise.

Who am I and why should I guide you through your grief?  

I’m Beth Erlander your Grief Friend. I’m passionate about helping you find grief relief. 

I’ve been in your shoes my dear, so I know how heavy you are, how you feel like you can’t move. I know what it’s like to struggle with big grief. I did that too.

In 2012 my beloved crashed his mountain bike and broke his neck with the result being quadriplegia or paralysis from the chest down. Our life as we knew it was gone. Our life went upside down.

So my work is infused with my personal experience of dealing with my own grief for the past eleven years along with my practice as a psychotherapist for 24 years.  

I used to call myself the Grief Freak (now I’m your Grief Friend) because we live in a culture that is freaky about grief. Many of us don’t know how to be with grief. So this program could also be for those of you that need more support in supporting the ones who are grieving.   

This program is full of the tips and tricks that I used in order for me to reconcile my grief. I had to learn how to live with my grief, I had to integrate it into my life.

So thanks for being here, and I’m truly sorry that you need this, but I’m so grateful that you found me and my program. Check out the options and see which one is best for you. 


I have two options for you.
Both include these modules...

  • Module One: Who am I and how I work with grief. I’ll teach you about the grief scan, how to track your process and the “super power breath.”

  • Module Two: The myths of grief or what I call  the “mess” of grief. 

  • Module Three: Lungs and body support. 

  • Module Four: The emotional landscape of grief. 

  • Module Five: Anxiety and bizarre thinking. 

  • Module Six (my favorite): How to be a joy detective. The importance of pleasure during grief. 

  • Module Seven: The importance of community and ritual. 

  • Module Eight: What to do if you feel stuck in grief; how to keep moving with grief.

Option Number One

Online Grief Relief DIY

8 Weekly Modules For Grief Support
$ 169
  • Modules 1-8
  • PDF's and worksheets
  • Journal Prompts

Option #2 Includes Two 1:1's with Beth!

Online Grief Relief DIY

Includes Two Individual Coaching Sessions with Beth
$ 389
  • Modules 1-8
  • PDF's & worksheets
  • Journal Prompts
  • Two Grief Coaching Sessions

What are peeps saying about this...

For the blur that rips through one's body, mind and spirit, grief in tow and at the core, renewal isn't an objective, it's relief. Some sources say that a blur is evidence of a spiritual awakening. Who has time for a spiritual awakening? The Online Grief Relief portal offers a great, undemanding focus for befriending the blur of the emotional whirlwind and the ebbing and flowing solicitude for pain unspeakably present in grief. If grief is a burden, pain is its weight. How to carry it when grief both empties and fills is personal. The Online Grief Relief portal has focus for the personal discovery deep within grief's burden and pain's heaviness. The resource also gives a safe outlet to artistically express and explore the ways grief speaks. It is a foreign language, grief. So, it's nice to get a feel for what that alienation can reveal at one's own pace, which is a plus about this resource. It is perfect for encouraging one's own insights and inspiration in one's own time. The writing prompts and suggested start-up activities are simple enough not overwhelm. So encouragement is by far the most prominent aspect of the being there to play with ideas to grow. Encouragement is the only way to learn how to voluntarily nurture a spiritual awakening that exists for becoming able to heal.
testimonial headshot
Cedar Sarilo
Researcher in Anomalous Psychology & the Female Shaman
Beth breathes life, love, and creativity into the grieving process. My time working with her left me feeling empowered and grateful - capable of befriending my grief and seeing, hearing, and feeling what it has to teach me.
testimonial headshot
Rosie Jaye
Master of Applied Positive Psychology and Meditation Practitioner

Program FAQ's

    • How do I access the program?
      Once you sign up and pay, you will receive it in your inbox from the platform called Practice Better.


  • Is there a time limit, how long do I have access to the program?
    There is no time limit to watch the modules, you’ll have lifetime access to them. However, you’ll only have two months to use the two 1:1 sessions with Beth. 
    • How much time is needed for each module?
      I would say about 60-90 minutes. The modules are mostly under 40 minutes, but you’re encouraged to tune into your body and take breaks as you need them. There is no rush, you take it at your own pace.


    • Is there homework outside the modules that is required to do?
      Yes, but only if you want to do it. The homework is only a suggestion for you to drop in deeper to your process. So, you don’t have to do the extra work if you don’t want to, or you can do it when you are ready to.


    • Could I call or email you if I need more support and is there an additional price for that?
      Absolutely, and yes there’s an additional cost for this. You may want to but the package with two sessions with me. After that, you could also buy my Grief Coaching Package of either 6 or 12 sessions. 


    • If I choose options #2 with two 1:1 options, is there a time limit to use those sessions?
      Yes, once you start the program, you will have two months to use the 1:1’s. 


    • Can I add additional 1:1 sessions with you if I need them?
      Yes, as long as I have time in my schedule. I would be happy to do this.


  • Do you give a refund?
    Unfortunately, I am unable to give you a refund for any of my products and services. So please make sure this is totally right for you before you hit the buy now button. If you need to chat with me to make sure this is what you want, then please so.  

This is for you if...

You're ready for a change and willing to do the personal hard work of feeling intense emotions..... You have already done some personal work but feel stuck with this new situation..... You have internal resources that can help you through an emotional DIY program and you don't need any outside help..... You already have a great community of support but you are feeling as if you are a burden on them so you need some extra support with grief itself..... You have support but have no idea how to support yourself with grief..... You are a grief freak yourself and want to learn more about grief.

This is not for you if...

You want me to FIX your pain.... You want me to take away your grief.... You don't want to or have the time and energy to do the inner work.... Or someone has forced you to take this program, it is best if you want to do it for you!

If you want grief relief then this is for you!

Bet on a beach

Thank you and many blessings to you.

I truly want you to feel better…and I believe if we grieve well, we will be well.
 Beth, your grief friend

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