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My Book!

Hello Loves, My book, Life Upside Down: The Fall That Transformed Our Lives, Lifting Me Through Grief, Love and Quadriplegia is finally here! It was launched on September 29, 2023. It’s available as a paperback and ebook on Amazon. Here’s the Amazon link: https://a.co/d/5wcBkYM And here’s the book’s own website which includes a beautiful trailer at

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We Must Get Comfortable with Discomfort

Although here in Colorado it doesn’t feel like summer at all. We’ve had so much rain for the past few weeks-it feels like we’re actually in the middle of April. But I’m so grateful for all the water. Water truly is life and we need it here often. Also, many blessings to those of you

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Birthing a book

No Blog, Birthing a Book (May 2023)

This new moon I have no blog for you because I’m focused on birthing my book! My book is about how my life went upside after my partner Michael broke his neck mountain biking and how I dealt with all the grief and trauma to come right side up again. It’s entitled: Life Upside Down: Walking into

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Sorrow and Joy

The Connection Between Grief & Joy (May 2023)

Why are joy and sorrow so interconnected? How is it that we can go from deep grief with a river of tears to feelings of gratitude and joy that leak out as smiles and laughter? In my last blog I talked about being a joy detective and intentionally seeking out joy during times of deep

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Spring Cleaning-Grief

How To Find Joy Without Bypassing Grief. (April 2023)

How do we find joy when in a place of deep grief or discomfort? And how do we do this in a way that doesn’t just bypass grief? Try pendulation. Intentionally go from one to the other. You may have to become a joy detective. Finding joy when you are deeply grieving may feel impossible,

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Grief Ritual Colorado

Dagara Style Grief Ritual (April 2023)

It’s time to grieve in-person with each other, our ancestors and the land! Join me and my friend Wendy Kaas as we hold the Dagara style grief ritual.When: Saturday April 29th, 2023. Where: in the foothills near Boulder, Colorado. Time: 11am-7pm. Cost: to be determined but will be a sliding scale from about $60-125, with some of the proceeds

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Journey to Africa-the Heart of the Motherland

Hello loves, I recently traveled to Dano, Burkina Faso, in West Africa to visit the land of my grief mentors-Sobonfu Somé and Elder Malidoma Patrice Somé.  In this blog I begin to share what I learned and I also have new offerings of grief coaching/counseling packages which include my online grief relief course. Also, I’m

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Saint/Goddess Brigid

Why I’m Keen on Keening

I wrote this blog prior to my African trip inspired by realizing that I’d return home in the wee hours on February 2nd.  February 1st and 2nd are known as Imbolc, Candlemas, or Groundhogs Day here in the USA. It’s halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox.  It’s also a day in honor of the

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Grief Mentors

Deep Wisdom from my Grief Mentors

As you read this, I’ll be deeply immersed in ritual in the village of Dano, Burkina Faso, West Africa! Dano is the village of my mentors—Sobonfu Somé and Elder Malidoma Patrice Somé.  It’ll be a trip of a lifetime. There will be a deepening and widening of my work and offerings. And I excitedly await

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Puzzle of Self

Puzzle of Self: Part Two

I hope you’re settling into this new year well. And if you’re struggling with this new beginning-remember it’s only a calendar, (the Gregorian calendar) and New Years festivities are just modern ways of marking time. Time that we’d prefer not to march on if we’re grieving… In this culture there’s such a focus to let

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Puzzle of Self: Putting Myself Back Together Post Grief

Merry Yuletide and Happy New Year, in the Gregorian calendar anyway. I wish we could have a holy pause; take two weeks off, get cozy, go inside and review our year and look ahead to 2023. But how do you do that if you’re in deep grief? Recently one client was invited to a solstice

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