Grief Ritual Colorado

Grief ritual in the fall of 2023!

Beth Erlander will be leading a day long Dagara Grief Ritual with Wendy Kaas in person on the land in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado. 

Date is Saturday October 14, 2023. 

Reach out to Beth if you are interested. Please see Grief Ritual page under Offerings for more information.


The Dagara Grief Ritual was taught to both Wendy and Beth by Elder Malidoma Somé and Sobonfu Somé who are both from the Dagara tribe in Burkina Faso, West Africa. 

Sobonfu led many grief rituals to Westerners after she learned that we didn’t know how to be with grief. For the Dagara, grief is simply part of being human.

Beth attended these rituals with both Elder Malidoma and Sobonfu and it was one of the things that helped her most to be with the amount of grief she was carrying. 

She has since led these rituals with Wendy Kaas for many years. 

Grief ritual is a sacred place and time to let your feral grief be fully expressed. We will set up a few altars to grief, the Ancestors and to forgiveness and water. Then we will teach you the grief song only used in this ritual. We will then have many rounds of grieving. And we’ll end by sharing a meal and some social time together. 

Questions? Reach out to Beth, she’s so happy to share about this healing experience. 

Thank you

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