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Befriending Your Grief-My Interview for the Women’s Dharma Summit

Dear ones…

My grandma used to open her letters that way, been thinking about her a lot lately so maybe I will start using that phrase.

I was recently interviewed by my dear friend Swati for her up and coming Dharma Summit for Women. It was a great conversation. I am deeply honored that Swati wanted to include me in her Dharma Summit. It made perfect sense though after we discussed how often times, finding your life’s work and passion, comes after surviving the most challenging experiences of your life.

I never wanted to become this thing I call the Grief Freak…yet here I am, working passionately with people who are also steeped in grief.

So, just wanted to share this news to give you a chance to sign up for the summit. And to spread the word about it too. Sign up here-there are other amazing speakers as well.

From her website: www.swatijrjyotish.com…

Maha Navaratri is one of the most sacred times of year in the Vedic Calendar.

During this nine day and night Vedic Celebration, Nature is undergoing a powerful transformation process. She is awakening and enlivening on all levels of life- including within our own bodies.

As Nature enlivens and transforms, the powerful goddess Durga is said to be battling the Rakshasa (demon), Mahishasura. An epic battle between light and dark forces is climaxing during the sacred celebration of Navaratri.

For nine days and nine nights, Goddess Durga is embodying dharma.

During this sacred ten days, Durga is transforming, changing forms, facing the darkness directly- making sure the Demon does not prevail.

On the tenth day, we celebrate her victory over evil, darkness, and ignorance.

The tenth day, Vijaya Dashami, is the most potent day and concludes the celebration. This is the day that the Divine Feminine regains her maximum strength and power- ushering in a new cycle.

As this epic battle is taking place, we experience a deep transformational process within our own lives.

This powerful battle with darkness is taking place within each one of us- reminding us that the Divine Feminine will always win, that light will always overtake the darkness, that dharma must always prevail!

Celebrate with us during this sacred ten days!

Gather resources, tools, wisdom, daily rituals, and guidance for your dharmic path.

Awaken, transform and enliven your divine souls purpose.