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What’s New and BIG in 2020…

Welcome to 2020 everyone. And welcome to your next decade!

And I want to say an especially warm welcome to my newest subscribers-welcome to the Grief Freak tribe!

I wanted to reach out and give you some ideas of what I have planned for you this year and beyond.

It has taken me a while to write this. And to be completely honest…I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out on grief.

Yep…the grief freak is feeling done with grief.

Why? Well, first, I live with chronic grief, more about that later.

And second, I just did a big push to create my Online Grief Relief Program! Yes, I created a DIY program to help others befriend grief. I am now dealing with marketing it and getting it out to the world. Help spread the word for me — info and links about it coming soon!

As I was creating that, I was aware how super focused I had to be around everything related to grief. And I learned that as a grief support practitioner and entrepreneur I absolutely need to take intentional breaks for play and joy.

Did you know that I’m constantly thinking about you and how to help you move your grief?

Yep, it’s true…my grief freak entrepreneur brain is constantly on.

So, I look forward to continuing to help you befriend your grief and doing it in a more balanced way where I tend to myself better.

Here are some topics that you can expect from me this year, along with whatever else shows up spontaneously:

It’s a new decade and a big one at that. You see, I turn 50 in 2020. And already I’m so aware that with getting older comes BIG grief. As I was holding a dear friend this week while she cried and told me of her heartbreak from a breakup, we then pondered-how do we prepare ourselves for the losses we know are coming as we both turn 50 this year?

It reminds me of the first gate of grief according to Francis Weller – everything we love, we will lose.  And as we age, it is inevitable that we will lose a lot of what is precious to us.

So I’m already crafting that blog for you-how to prepare for big future losses.

I also want to write more about earth grief and how to be with the devastation right now on the planet. I have been heavy in my heart hearing about the fires in Australia. How about you?

Other topics include:

  • How to access joy in acute grief.
  • How to care for yourself with chronic grief.
  • How you can trick your brain, or how to change your physiological state during grief
  • An interview with my partner Michael and how he has dealt with the ginormous amount of grief that he has with losing his able body to quadriplegia.
  • More about joy and grief, and being in a state of pleasure.
  • And speaking of pleasure, I want to talk about sex and grief.
  • More on why I call myself the Grief Freak and what the word freak and cilantro have in common.

I’d love to hear what you’d like me to write about – if you have a curiosity, send me an email. I’ve truly been enjoying your emails about how my grief musings are landing with you, so please keep the comments coming.

What else is new this year/decade?

I’m closing my Denver office at the end of February! I’ve been there since 2011, and it’s time to close it. Why? I’m done commuting – it’s bad for the planet and I want to do my part. I have earth grief, remember?

I’m also wanting to reach more of you regardless of where you live. So I am adding more remote services to my practice. This looks like having my sessions on the phone or online.

I’m planning on doing more out of the box ways of bringing grief work into festivals. I’m super excited to continue to ride that creative festival wave! One of Grief Freak’s goals is to reach more young people and what a better way to do that than hold grief rituals in the middle of festivals.

My last blog was about the Costa Rica retreat at La Senda…I’m sad to announce it’s been cancelled due to the fact that the venue isn’t ready to host groups yet. I’m on the look out for another coastal paradise to hold another retreat, so I hope to offer that in this new decade.

There’s also the possibility of pairing up with Red Monkey Walking Travel to host another Grief Walking Pilgrimage on the Camino in France and Spain in October of 2020. Interested or know someone who is? Private message me and let’s chat.

So I start this new year and new decade with big ideas. Mainly, I’m super proud of my online course. It was created with any loss in mind, and for any place in your grief process. Yet, it might be best for acute/new/recent/life gone upside down grief. 

It includes self-care tips. It talks about the “mess” of grief vs. stages, and how to befriend it. My most favorite module I created was about the relationship between grief and joy. I filmed that one while on vacation in Florida. So I am in the pool and on the beach with sand and birds.

l also plan to offer an online support group using my DIY program. So stay tuned for that! I  want to find more ways to create local grief rituals and group support.

Grief needs a village; you need your peeps in grief. And I want you to know that I have your back-I truly am your Grief Freak grief peep.

Well, I wish you well in this new year and new decade.  I look forward to sharing this journey of grief together.

And if you need more support, don’t hesitate to reach out…I am here for you.

Many many blessing as we continue to keep grief moving…