Cowry Shell Divination

Happy Fall Equinox and almost New Moon to you all.   A year ago I became an official Cowry Shell Diviner from my mentor and now beloved memory, Elder Malidoma Somé. I was honored to attend one of his final year long divination trainings as he transitioned to the ancestor world in December of 2021.[…]

How to Move Anger and Rage

Hello dear ones,  Rage is appropriate today… I feel it in my throat, and have the need to both cry and scream.  I started writing this on the day Roe vs. Wade was overturned.  I feel my grief just thinking about the impact this decision will have on so many. Now you know where I[…]

My Earth Grief Experience

Hello dear ones, Happy May! Yesterday I took a walk in the rain! I wasn’t dressed for the water pelting me but I didn’t mind, I wanted to be soaked just like the land and plants were. And we were all sighing with relief at this most welcomed water. You see, we didn’t get our usual April showers and[…]

Artful Living During Times of Crisis

Hello dear ones, I’ve been in a weekly online group since July of 2021 called “Soulful Life” with my grief mentor Francis Weller and another grief warrior, Holly Truhlar, along with about 70 other participants. It’s become a healing balm I look forward to each week, especially now with the war in the Ukraine added[…]